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I'm Dan Huckeby, self taught, self styled architectural and interior designer. I specialize mostly in restaurants, niteclubs and retail spaces. Please do not construe that as meaning I am a "real architect" or an "interior decorator". I do not design multi-story buildings, nor do I have anything to do with residential design. 


I do team up with architects and engineers when necessary to furnish complete services.

 I rely 
mostly on my 35 plus years of experience and knowledge and try to be as free thinking as possible. I want to be a little original and a little outrageous.  Email: huckeby1@gmail.com  
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Interior decorators are taught to select colors, fabrics, and decor for existing spaces or projects that are created by others and most use conventional methods and materials I try to create spaces that feel good and are practical. I think the layout is probably the most important aspect of any successful design. This means the designer has to visualize the space and how it will feel when it is complete. It also means he has to know size requirements, aisle spaces and traffic flow. I also try, whenever possible, to use materials that are not necessarily common to that particular business to try to create more depth and texture. It also adds layers and creates interest. When all that is done, then I address the logo, decor, colors and lighting. Colors and lighting are crucial to creating warmth in any space. When designing an exterior storefront on any kind the goal is to paint a picture of what is inside and to make the front as much a sign as possible. Sign space is valuable and often hard to aquire. When a storefront has the right design it becomes signage even with very little lettering.



 We do lots of remodel projects but on new construction projects we build with aluminum clad SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) whenever possible. We use as much "GREEN" technology as possible in all our projects. See my SIPS page for more info on the panels.


Cody's Original Roadhouse in Tallahassee Florida.